I AM (Alignment)

I wrote this in 2012 when I was 24 years of age…how many r-evolutions have occurred since then! Writing is beautiful in that it captures us in a moment in a time…

Expressions of non-duality in our non-linear existence are the ultimate manifestations of our vibrationally-aligned thoughts. If as above is as so below and the law of attraction exists, then maybe I am nothing more than energy residing at a certain frequency, my physical form being the simplest expression of my spiritual body bound by the universal language of love to achieve my highest good.

If I am you and he is we and we are all together, then we are all connected with the One, the source and singularity whose bountifulness created a universe so magnificent it mystifies our human comprehension.

If science is the study of what is, and if what exists is innately divine, then the lines between spirituality and science have already begun to blur. Isn’t karma, the universal return of the energy we put out, the same phenomenon as Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Doesn’t quantum physics bend the laws of space and time hinting at the very truths which still take a leap of faith to arrive upon?

For all of our science, with the largest telescopes and most powerful microscopes, we have not even scratched the surface of the universe’s mysteries. We constantly receive love and light from the universe, the ascended masters and our spirit guides all of whom help us to realize the truth that has always existed. We strive to achieve full alignment, a state where there are no questions, only answers. If we decide to listen, we turn our focus inwards, finding that we are ourselves the very essence of truth.

Sometimes we make great leaps in personal progress only to take several steps back. No matter. It is our desire for transformation which ultimately catalyzes our metamorphosis.We will likely have to work through our deeply rooted limiting beliefs and baggage from previous reincarnations. It is our privilege to recognize such opportunities (not obstacles) and our goal to release those attachments, making as much spiritual progress as is healthy for our being.

Often, we are too busy to pause and listen to the truth within us, too engrossed in the minute details of our daily lives to maintain the optimal state of self-awareness. In mindfulness we come to know the nature of our thoughts, the intent underlying our actions and the triggers of our emotions. As we begin to take personal inventory of ourselves, we must face our weaknesses. Addressing these vulnerabilities requires patience, self-love and acceptance of our perceived flaws. In actuality, our “flaws” are expressions of our perfection.  All is exactly as it should be.

As we practice mindfulness while acknowledging our flaws and releasing our attachments, we begin to shed our ego-centric tendencies. No longer are we the center of existence. The ego becomes just one of our many tools to achieve our highest good. As our false ego fades away, we realize that the issues we notice and attribute to others is many times our own blockage.

By jettisoning our egos, our surrender to that which is greater than ourselves creates a vulnerability which leads to opening one’s self to new ideas. It allows the acceptance of others and their beliefs, which are the unique result of their personal experience and history. Looking beneath the superficial, we quickly realize the commonality of all major religions and the human experience itself. Recognition of ourselves in others leads to empathy and strengthens the fabric of humanity.

This life, our human form, is only one stop along the cosmic journey of consciousness. We have made a conscious choice to be on Earth during this transformational time and will remain here until we assume another form, human or otherwise, on this dimension or any other vibration or frequency. Life on earth, in this vibrational plane, is a gift bestowed to us for the purpose of expressing our true nature.

We are now at a point in history where our collective conscious is rising. Ascension is occurring on a global level, driven by aging populations and enlightened people who have replaced the materialistic drive with morality, eco-oneness and others-centeredness. This new wave of personal, commercial, financial, educational and political conscience threatens the very mechanisms installed by the enforcers of the status quo who benefit from keeping the masses anesthetized.

Today the tides of laissez-faire capitalism are turning. We are now aligning our livelihoods with the interests of our communities and the planet. No longer are the people of the world and our planetary resources to be exploited and extracted in colonial fashion. The symbiotic relationship that connects us all is undeniable.

Coming to truth, we realize that our personal highest good is humanity’s highest good. Selfless service to others creates a loving world we can happily align with and participate in.

We realize that in universal singularity, improving ourselves is improving others and vice-versa.

The whole is made stronger by the health and vitality of the individual parts. In self-love, we are duty bound to respect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. In an age of instant gratification, we must purposefully slow ourselves, taking heed to breathe deep and enjoy the idiosyncrasies and minutia of every moment.

Today, everything is instantaneous; fast food and quick solutions the norm. For our health, we should shy away from adulterated foods and be wary of “get-anything-quick” schemes. Our bodies are our temples. Treating them as such signals our respect for all of life itself. Sound physicality is the bedrock upon which we tend the garden of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. As within, so without.

It is important to be patient and forgiving with others in your life. This applies to high school nemeses or close family members. People change. We all progress and mature at our own pace. Holding onto grudges or living with regrets is as useless as a diet of high fructose corn syrup and narcotics. Never forget that people are doing the best they can with the information they have at the time.The person you perceive is a static and shallow representation of who that individual is in actuality. The material and physical endowments an individual possesses can and frequently change rapidly. Paupers turn to princes as often as beautiful or fit people lose their physical or aesthetic prowess. Treat every person you meet with unconditional acceptance and blind love.

When you approach people from love, you no longer have to be judgmental. Instead of judging others, responding with love to all people fosters empathy in your interactions. When you have the opportunity, walk a mile, or a foot, in someone else’s shoes. This stirs the fires of our emotive beings, raising within our hearts the empathy that drives others-centeredness.

Meeting people where they are at in their life places no expectations on the other. It allows you to truly engage and invest in whatever they choose to share. It is not your job to influence others, but if you feel compelled to try and help someone, make sure your actions are devoid of any personal motives; they should be only in that person’s highest interest. Truth must be shared but never forced upon another. Walk the path, show the path, hold someone’s hand down the path but remember, they must walk on their own.

Mind your words, they are far more powerful that you realize. Eliminate words like I might, I can’t, I won’t, I’m trying, I will attempt, possibly, might or should and replace them with words like I will, I am, I know, I can, I feel and I believe. Your words should reflect actualization, your ideal self. You will receive exactly what you expect. Expect your wildest dreams but never lose sight of your current blessings. In an existence made up of thoughts, energies and intention, what you think and say is the most powerful predictor of what will you will attract into your life.

If all is one and all is perfect, a paradox emerges in placing value on circumstances, objects or people. How can something be “better” that something else? How can any stretch of “time” be “more enjoyable” than other? How can anything hold an objective and determined value when every moment, every person and every vibrational possibility is equally perfect in existence itself?

When recognizing that all is truly equal, including ourselves with everything frequently perceived to be external to one’s self, a deep gratitude emerges for the mere opportunity to be a humble witness to the splendor of consciousness. The brain’s highest function is not logic. We must cede our brains to our hearts, yielding logic to emotion in order to find love, empathy and our carnal connection with unity consciousness.

All is Sacred. Respect Life. Love Everybody. Surrender Constantly. Forgive Frequently. Be Thankful Always.