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Cre·at·ing (v.) "to bring into being," early 15c., from Latin creatus, past participle of creare "to make, procreate, beget, cause," related to crescere "arise, be born, increase, grow,"

The Development Dojo offers human development to an organization’s frontline managers and team members.
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Carbon Positive KC

Based in Kansas City with visions of expanding to additional markets, Carbon Positive KC helps individuals and businesses address their climate footprint by supporting local environmental projects.
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Being and Doing

Conceived in December of '22, I aim to publish this first book of poetry by the end of '23. It is composed of some published and unpublished Spoken Word pieces.
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Building on the body of my elder's four published books, this companion deck to the modern soul journey already has a first physical draft.
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Successfully Kickstarted in 2017 with over 600 backers pledging $34k, Bad Actors is the inhibition-crushing party game where players take turn assuming characters and answering questions chosen by other players.
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Ourselves in the Mirror, by NoSys in 2018, was my first conscious hip hop album with deep reflections on many aspects of society.
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Resources and Education designed to increase the skills necessary for effective Sensemaking.
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