Why I’m Against Space Colonization

  • Post category:Futurism

2021 is going to be a big year for space, says the Washington Post in a recent article forecasting the exploits of our favorite billionaires vying to extend their earthly…

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I Don’t Want To (and what I do)

I don’t want to scale a company and 10x revenueI don’t want to optimize the conversion funnelor split test ad copyor design high-converting landing pagesor explore new advertising channelsor create…

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How To Improve the Information Commons

  • Post category:Sensemaking

Today's information landscape is riddled with misinformation, sensational headlines, overt and covert agendas, and "fake news".  The "commons" is a concept that refers to the shared resources that we all…

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To My Muse, Fall

  • Post category:Poetry

summer as you wane this Love Doesn't Fade but morphs into praise as leaves float in their ways from the sunlight you gave on those long hot days photosynthesis' death in immaculate displays when…

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Anger Is Here

During morning meditation I experienced the depths of anger.I notice shame related to anger. Cultured, proper men are not angry. Anger is unbecoming. Anger is a “lower” instinct. Anger is…

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Keystone Habits | The Morning Routine

Keystone Habits are “small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.” They create a domino effect that change…

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Harmonizing Poles

My gut, it wrenches, at the lies perpetrated How we buy into our differences just how they're stated Creating a chasm that is too rarely crossed That we're not unified…

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