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Business Development Advising

Why Me?  I have over almost a decade of successful SaaS sales leadership experience during which I was both a frontline Manager and Director responsible every aspect of running a thriving high-growth sales engine. I have experience in both private equity-owned and public companies, small-and-medium sized companies having been in sales since 15 years old. My experience doesn’t speak to how I really delivered value; a focus on people, culture, performance, and the processes and principles which make this possible over time. In the last two years I’ve helped clients navigate the complexities of a post-COVID work-and-market-place.

Free Coaching

Why Me? **Currently Not Accepting New Clients** Having coached and mentored hundreds of humans in thousands of 1:1 interactions, I bring the wisdom I’ve acquired through many years of dedicated practice, study, and exploration. While everyone and their brother is now a paid Life Coach (and having been an unlicensed one myself), I prefer to keep a handful of free personal coaching opportunities available to the right individuals.

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