Keystone Habits | The Morning Routine

Keystone Habits are “small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.” They create a domino effect that change every area of your life.

Charged up today! The daily routine is yielding power. Here’s my morning routine:

  • Open eyes and the first action I choose is thinking “Thank you Spirit for another day. Thank you for X, Y, and Z.” Gratitude is my attitude.
  • Immediately turn on my phone and dream journal everything I can remember about the night’s dreams. (Doing it digitally now because I want to feed several years of journals into an AI and see what it predicts…)
  • Bathroom, drink water, back to bed.-Meditate 20-30 min. Will rotate in some chanting or breathe work.-Choice: READ or WRITE. Today I wrote for 60 min. I’m really feeling it if I’m writing poetry and weaving words in A.M.
  • Make my bed while committing to the affirmation “I am in control of me. I consciously make my choices. I create order from chaos if I choose.”
  • NEW: Daily mantra in the mirror. Exploring my shadow recently I realize some self-images that I am actively reprogramming through my mantra. Beliefs become reality…
  • What’s fallen off: there was a stint in the summer where I was doing Chi Kung every morning to the rising sun. I love this practice, specifically, the feelings and power within my body. I will return to this. That and cold showers. What a challenging practice… I’ve also stopped most but not all early morning workouts because I’ve found that:
    • 1) commitment to this routine is a more grounded way to start the day,
    • 2) late afternoon/evening workouts are a great energizer for the rest of the evening, and
    • 3) in fall/winter the weather is more conducive in Michigan.
  • What I’ve noticed: this is all very easy to do when settled at home. During my last road trip, 4,500 miles over 21 days and 10 beds, this routine dwindled as novelty and busy-ness invaded the space held for these practices. Committed to exploring that as I would like to experience the joys of traveling and my morning routine simultaneously.

I’m curious, what’s your morning routine?